Frequently asked questions

How long, from the moment i paid, does it take until i receive my kiosk?

We ship internationally. So depending on your geographic location it can be as quickly as 1 week or as long as 6 weeks. To find out more on shipping and lead times, why dont you head over to our shipping page.

Do I need to have any computer programming, IT or Blockchain knowledge?

No, absolutely not. All you need to have is business acumen. Our digital vending kiosk, unlike other brands, is an off the shelf solution and is suitable even for computer illiterate individuals.

I want to be a crypto ATM operator. How do I start?

In very simplistic terms, all you need is: 1. At least one WhiteEdge™ crypto vending kiosk (any model). 2. A crypto wallet with the crypto you wish to sell and/or buy via the WhiteEdge™ kiosk. This can be a stand alone wallet like or an exchange wallet like Coinbase. 3. A host location to place your machine. This should idealy be a high footfall location. You may have to pay the location rent or a commission. 4. Someone, if not yourself, to do the cash withdrawals when the cash box is full up. It's as simple as that. If you have any more intricate questions, please email us at

I want to get rich, how does this help me?

No one gets rich over night but starting a business at the right time is always a step towards it. Bitcoin and crypto currencies are still a nascent phenomenom. With this new technology, a lot of opportunities are being created with very little entry barriers. So whilst the entry barriers are still low, it is an exciting opportunity for any start-up/entrepreneur.

Once I bought my crypto kiosk, will there be any ongoing costs?

Yes. In order to provide you with ongoing software support and a superior platform, we charge 0.35% - 1.5% of your turnover/revenue monthly in arrears. Revenue is defined as any transaction your machine performs succesfully. All new customers have a 1 month free period.

How does the machine work and how to i set it up?

We have an extensive tutorial on our Youtube channel. Have a look here:

Are there any laws I need to comply with?

In some countries there is legislation one has to comply with before starting to operate a crypto ATM network. We urge all our customers to be compliant with their local laws.