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Luana Marchi

 Nutritional Therapist and  Health & Wellness Coach, Wholesome Recipe Developer and Writer. Loves to inspire people to improve their health and well-being. Luana believes that food has an impact on our lives in so many ways, ranging from nutritional nourishment to physical, emotional, and social well-being.


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Luis Regis

Luis loves to teach as much he loves to fight. He believes that everyone can get to love Muay Thai, get to have good technique, and that step by step anybody can reach their goals. Luis specialises in the details of every technique always looking to the perfect technique to strike.


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Ella's Wisdom

As fitness oriented people, they are able to fit a packet of cookies easily in our macros and goals, hence why their cookies are a guilt free snack, with only 130 kcal per packet, with less than 5 g of sugar, very light, tasty and satisfying making them the perfect treat not just for fitness people, but also kids, mums, and anyone that wants to indulge in a treat with none of the guilt.


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